This page provides information referenced in Judge Deller’s Case Management Order that is to become part of his new procedures effective January 1, 2021.  This information will change from time to time as the procedures are implemented.

(1)      The new procedures (at Paragraph 11 of the Order) urges the use of Stipulated Orders Modifying Plans previously confirmed on a final basis.  Per the Order, Debtor(s) Counsel is to draft the Order (JAD FORM 023) and submit to the Trustee for review.  The email address to which the proposed modification should be sent is: JADProcedures@chapter13trusteewdpa.com.

(2)      The new procedures (at Para 11 (with respect to the Notice of Proposal to Cure Plan Defaults) and Para 12 (with respect to formal plan amendment and modification in lieu of stipulated orders)) requires Debtor(s) Counsel to select an initial conciliation date to consider the proposal / modifications.  In other words, the Court NO LONGER WILL SCHEDULE A CONCILIATION DATE FOR THE AMENDED PLAN OR PROPOSED CURE OF PLAN DEFAULTS for Judge Deller cases. Instead, under Judge Deller’s new procedures, it is Debtor(s) Counsel’s obligation to pick the date and time, insert it into the Notice, and to file and serve the notice and proposed cure/modification. Please make sure that you indicate the date and time of the conciliation in the docket entry when the documents are filed.

          A list of available dates and times for the conciliation of the proposed cure/modification are available at: JAD Conciliation Dates

Please choose first available time slot for each available date.